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Jewelry care


Sterling Silver is a metal that lasts over time. However, it can tarnish, due to the dirt and acidity of your skin. When you feel it is necessary, you can simply take a cloth and rub your silver jewelry to restore their sparkle. Unlike brass jewelry, tarnished silver becomes shiny again after cleaning. You can also try cleaning them from a grandma's recipe. However, we do not recommend using these recipes too often, as they are abrasive and remove the shine from your jewelry. (they give a matte effect, if you run them too often.)



 Vermeil is an alloy made of silver coated with gold and is considered a precious metal. At Boa Bijoux, we use solid 14k gold plating. Vermeil jewelry are of very good quality. Again, these do not tarnish. However, if you wear your vermeil jewelry every single day, the friction with water, sweat, and other products applied to the hands or skin, the plating will eventually subside. Your jewelry will turn silver again, since it is real silver under their alloy.






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